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The Rock Returns by James Dietz

Limited Edition Print - Publisher Proof

Edition Size: 250

Image Size: 25"w x 14 3/4"h

Overall Size: 31"w x 21 1/2"h

Hand signed and numbered by the artist, James Dietz.

Includes certificate of authenticity.

The Rock Returns

In December 2009, TF ROCK deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom X and was task organized under TF MOUNTAIN WARRIOR (4th BDE, 4th Infantry Division) from Ft. Carson, CO. TF ROCK conducted a transfer of authority (TOA) on 31 December 2009 from TF CHOSIN (1-32 IN), taking control of 10 districts within Konar Province in eastern Afghanistan. TF ROCK elements were spread over the districts of Asmar, Dangam, Shigal, Marawara, Asadabad, Narang, Sarkani, Chowkay, Khas Konar and Noor Gul. In addition, Destined Company was detached from TF ROCK and stationed at COP Garcia in Nangarhar Province in support of TF GRYPHON. TF ROCK immediately assumed control and began conducting aggressive counter-insurgency (COIN) operations against a determined enemy in formidable terrain. While in Konar Province, two Sky Soldiers from TF ROCK made the ultimate sacrifice. In May 2010, TF ROCK received orders to begin movement to AO BAYONET in Logar and Wardak Province and resume its organic relationship with its parent unit, the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team. TF ROCK conducted a relief in place (RIP) with its sister infantry battalion, TF TALON (1-503 IN). During this period of transition, TF ROCK reintegrated Destined Company and assumed operational control (OPCON) of Legion Company (B/1-503 IN), and detached Able and Battle Companies.

Upon assumption of responsibility in Northern Wardak, TF ROCK immediately resumed counter-insurgency operations in the districts of Mayden Shar, Jalrez, Nerkh, Markezi Behsood and Hesa-Awal Beshood. Able Company, OPCON to TF TALON and headquartered at COP Jaghato, conducted COIN operations in Jaghato District. Battle Company, OPCON to TF REPEL and headquartered at FOB SHANK in the Pul-e-Alam District of Logar Province, conducted COIN operations and counter indirect fire operations. Beginning in late October of 2010, TF ROCK began the redeployment process back to Vicenza. By November 2010, all TF ROCK elements conducted RIP/TOA with incoming 4-10 IBCT units and redeployed back to Vicenza, Italy where 2-503 IN (ABN) is headquartered.

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