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The Rock of the Marne...Tigris and Euphrates by James Dietz

Image Size is 27" x 12.375"
Overall Size is 33" x 18.875"
750 Military Edition
250 Publisher Proof Edition
100 Artist Proof Edition

The 3rd Infantry Division in Operation Iraqi Freedom

At 2125 on 19 March 2003, the 3d Infantry Division attacked into Iraq to liberate the Iraqi people and destroy an oppressive regime that supported terrorism and threatened the security of the United States as well as stability around the world. The Division assaulted across a 40-mile front with over 22,000 soldiers and 10,000 vehicles. Marne Soldiers moved more than 500 Km in 72 hours, leaving two Iraqi Divisions and countless paramilitary groups defeated in their wake. In executing this decisive offensive action, the Division moved farther and faster than any U.S. Division in history. In the following 22 days, the 3d Infantry Division defeated another Iraqi Division and elements of four Republican Guard Divisions and four Special Republican Guard Divisions, ultimately seizing Baghdad and destroying the regime. The Division transitioned to Stability and Support Operations and immediately began to establish a safe and secure environment for the Iraqi people to become prosperous and self-governing.

"The Rock of the Marne...Tigris and Euphrates" captures the might and firepower of the 3d Infantry Division in its historic drive to Baghdad and the eventual overthrow of the Hussein Regime. Known as the Marne Division, the 3rd Infantry Division added a new chapter to its rich history by moving farther and faster than any combat operation in history. Key to the success of the Division was the seizure of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, which allowed for the freedom of movement not only for the Division, but also for the entire coalition forces.

Upon seizure of these two key river crossings, the phrase "The Rock of the Marne...Tigris and Euphrates" became a rallying cry throughout the Division and serves as a link between the Division's rich history and its most recent combat actions.

This limited edition print by artist James Dietz depicts not only the strength of the Division, but also reflects the bravery of the men and women who pushed over 750 kilometers into enemy territory and soundly defeated the Iraqi forces in every engagement of every battle.

The price paid by the fallen Marne Soldiers and the heroism of all who fought under the colors of the 3d Infantry "Marne" Division to liberate an oppressed people and further the security of our nation will never be forgotten.

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The Rock of the Marne...Tigris and Euphrates by James Dietz: Military Edition Unframed