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Once a Gambler Gun, Always a Gambler Gun by Joe Kline

Limited edition fine art print on paper.

During Operation Iraqi Freedom 08-09, the 4th Battalion of the 4th Infantry Division’s Combat Aviation Brigade provided sustained and lethal combat aviation support over Multi-National Division Baghdad (MND-B). The 4-4 Attack Reconnaissance Battalion’s ability to execute armed reconnaissance and security, while additionally providing direct support to six brigade combat teams (BCTs) within the MND-B operational environment, proved essential to the mission success of the ground maneuver commanders operating in Baghdad’s complex urban terrain. As part of Operation Vigilant Guard, the mission focus was to conduct counter-mortar and counter-rocket interdiction. As the tactics of the insurgents changes, the Battalion’s mission set expanded to include counter-IRAM aerial security patrols. Additionally, the unit responded to numerous Troops-in-Contact (TICs), thwarted attempts by insurgents to emplace IEDs, conducted countless convoy and VIP security missions, and reconnoitered named areas of interest for the BCTs. Regardless of the mission assigned, the “Gambler Guns” always proved to be successful.

“Once a Gambler Gun Always a Gambler Gun” is the mode by which the 4-4 “Gambler Guns” present themselves as a unit in the past, present and future. The Gambler Gungs have provided aerial fire power in the combat arenas of Vietnam (1968-1972) and Iraq (OIF 05-07 and 08-09). The Ghosts depicted in the picture show the unique connection the “Gambler Guns” have with the brethren of past conflict. The member of this unit have displayed courage and fidelity in all combat arenas.

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