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Lincoln-Douglas Debates, The - by Mort Kunstler

Historical Information
The indignation which Abraham Lincoln felt about the Dred Scott decision led him back to politics in 1857. In the legendary series of debates for the Senate seat from Illinois, Lincoln was pitted against Stephen A. Douglas, known as “the little giant” because of his prodigious speechmaking ability. Their first encounter took place at Ottawa on August 21, 1858. Lincoln, at 6 feet 4 inches, was more than a foot taller than Douglas. While the fiery, animated Douglas stirred his listeners, Lincoln spoke directly to the hearts and minds of the people with the voice of the common man. Although Douglas prevailed and won the election, Lincoln gained the national recognition that eventually led to the presidency.

Mort Künstler's Comments
The debates before the Civil War propelled Lincoln into national prominence. I placed Lincoln in the foreground to exaggerate his height of 6'4" in contrast to the "Little Giant," who was only 5'3".

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Lincoln-Douglas Debates, The - by Mort Kunstler: Signature Canvas Unframed