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In the Footsteps of Heroes by Phil Pierce

The 82nd Division was redesignated on 13 February 1942 as Division Headquarters, 82nd Division. It was recalled to active service on 25 March 1942, and reorganized at Camp Claiborne, Louisiana.

On 15 August 1942, the 82nd Infantry Division became the Army's first airborne division, and was redesignated the 82nd Airborne Division. In April 1943, its paratroopers deployed to North Africa to participate in the campaign to invade Italy. The Division's first two combat operations were parachute assaults into Sicily on 9 July and Salerno on 13 September. The initial assault on Sicily, by the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, was the first regimental-sized combat parachute assault conducted by the United States Army.

Throughout the years since World War II the 82nd Airborne Division has taken part in every conflict America has had. The men and women of today's 82nd Airborne Division are arguably the best trained, the most well equipped and the most motivated and intelligent paratroopers in history. This print highlights today's Paratrooper and the commitment they have shown over the Nations most recent conflicts.

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