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HALO Night Insertion by Stuart Brown -

Limited Edition Print - Framed - Brass Corners - UV Acrylic - V-Groove - Three Archival Mats

Edition Size: 650

Overall Print Size: 28"w x 18"h

Hand signed and numbered by the artist, Stuart Brown

Includes certificate of authenticity.

A four man Special Forces patrol follow a stabilized equipment container during a HALO freefall insertion into hostile territory.

High Altitude Low Opening freefall insertions allow Special Forces to be deployed from altitudes of 25,000ft or higher, taking advantage of a low radar profile. Stabilized equipment containers can be filled with weapons, explosives, supplies and other task specific equipment. The container’s main parachute is deployed by a barometric trigger at a preset altitude and followed under canopy by the HALO team to the landing point.

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