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Can Do by Larry Selman

Image Area: 9"h x 18"w

Presentation Print: 495 Signed and Numbered
Artist Proof Edition: 50 Signed and Numbered
USAWC Class 2005 Edition: 350 S&N - SOLD OUT
USAWC Friends Edition: 350 S&N - SOLD OUT

The final battle for Baghdad and the Liberation of Iraq. One of the most daring attacks in modern American history. Began April 5, 2003 with the first “Thunder Run” to the Baghdad airport by the 3rd Infantry Division.

The mission was “To enter Baghdad for the purpose of displaying combat power, to destroy the enemy forces, and to simply show them we can.” The term originated during the Vietnam War with columns of tank and armored vehicles securing roads to resupply fire bases.

While this works well in open country it was strictly against American military nocturne that says tanks cannot fight effectively in city and urban environments. April 5 changed all that, proving not only could they fight in modern urban areas and prevail but showed them to be a devastating factor to the enemy.

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