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By, With, And Through by Jody Harmon Framed

Limited Edition Print

Edition Size: 400

Overall Size: 16"h by 24"w

Hand signed and numbered by the artist, James Dietz.

Includes certificate of authenticity.

By the Iraqis, With our assistance, and Through their Government. This print depicts American Soldiers at a key leader engagement with Iraqi Soldiers and the Iraqi Police.

This meeting is taking place "Outside the City" of Basra, Iraq. The movement of American Soldiers to positions outside of all major cities took place just prior to the arrival of the 34th Infantry Division. To enter the cities, American troops had to be with or supporting Iraqi forces. The skyline of Basra in the background is punctuated by the al-Moosawi Mosque’s beautiful dome. Also visible is the ever present burn-off pipes with perpetual flames on top. The billboard was a product of the 34th Division's Information Operations cell. It states: “Register to vote-Vote for the future of Iraq". Also notable are the ever present rotary wing aircraft, feral dogs, and large quantities of trash.

With lineage derived from the Minnesota Regiments of Civil War fame, the brave Red Bulls, who fought their way from Algeria through Tunisia and up the Italian peninsula during World War II, amassing more days of front line combat than any other US division, answered the Nation’s call once again.  On February 10, 2009, the Division began the mobilization of 1,039 Soldiers to serve a year’s mission for Operation Iraqi Freedom.  The 34th Infantry “Red Bull” Division, headquartered at Contingency Operating Base Basra, Iraq, had operational control over half of all of Iraq’s provinces and commanded Regular army, Army Reserve, National Guard, Joint and Coalition units.  The Division spent ten months conducting full spectrum operations, alongside Iraqi Army units, providing for security and stability for a burgeoning democracy.  The Red Bulls oversaw the training and enhancement of Iraqi Security Forces including Iraqi Army, Border, and Police units.  The Red Bulls aided community leaders as Iraqis developed and improved the civil capacity of Southern Iraq by building market centers and schools, by encouraging free enterprise, by improving the water treatment facilities and infrastructure, and by preparing for the 2010 general elections.  The 34th Infantry Division led the theater redeployment process as the United States prepared to withdraw its forces and equipment from the country.   From Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to Salerno, Italy to Basra, Iraq, the 34th Infantry Division continues to rise to the challenge whenever our nation calls its warriors to the frontline.

Framed Print - Brass Corners - UV Acrylic - V-Groove - Three Archival Mats

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Style: Framed Print - Brass Corners - UV Acrylic - V-Groove - Three Archival Mats