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  • Vietnam vet art-vendor 'paints a picture'
    October 7, 2021

    Vietnam vet art-vendor 'paints a picture'

    As you walk through the double-door entrance at your local Exchange, you are greeted by many different types of vendors, some of which routinely travel to different bases around the world. Occasionally you are welcomed by beautiful, patriotic and military-themed paintings. Your eyes connect with images of Afghanistan, Iraq, Korea, Vietnam and more. You'll see colorful depictions of your brothers and sisters in arms, symbolic bald eagles and flashes of red, white and blue.
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  • Posts from Lew
    December 11, 2020

    Posts from Lew

    55 years ago I was drafted into the US Army, not the Detroit Tigers my boyhood dream. Best thing that ever happened to me, I remember my Jr High School gym teacher, Fran Reidy, telling me I ran in one...

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