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Warriors Fight 2-4 in Afghanistan

Image Area: 14 x 25

Military Edition: 250 Signed and Numbered Unavailable 
Artist Proof Edition: 50 Signed and Numbered

The Chalekor Valley lies in the southern Afghan Province of Zabul, at a location where the Argendab River and a major feeder stream from the northern district of Dey Chopan form a Y- intersection. The main village in the valley sits at the crossroads of the river and stream valleys that provide easy access to the Argendab districts in both Zabul and Kandahar province, Sha Wali Kot district in Kandahar province to the west, and Oruzgan province to the north. All of these areas were known Taliban safe havens or key routes for supporting the movement of Taliban fighters and supplies. 

The valley is surrounded by mountains on all sides which creates severely restricted terrain with few access points and little support for vehicular movement. This area was home to the Hotak tribe of the Afghan Pashtuns; this is Mullah Omar’s tribe. The Chalekor Valley was the place selected by Task Force Warrior to initiate actions for Operation Mountain Thrust, an operation designed to disrupt Taliban safe havens within Regional Command South, destroy command and control nodes, and defeat the Taliban’s ability to conduct offensive operations while NATO’s International Security and Assistance Forces (ISAF) deployed and established control over the southern regions of Afghanistan.

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