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The Peacemakers by John Shaw

Enola Gay & the Maximum Effort to Bring An End to WWII

  • Overall size: 37”x 23” 
  • Image size: 32”x 17.5”

Printed on heavy archival Satin giclée Gold Fibre paper, this beautiful new print depicts the famed B-29 Enola Gay undergoing final preparations the day preceding the first atomic mission, August 6, 1945. Three months earlier, the war in Europe had finally ended; Germany had surrendered, but now a war-weary world continued to hear increasing grim news in the Pacific…Japan refused to surrender and a massive Allied land invasion seemed inevitable. In this horrific scenario, the continued loss of life was estimated to be in the millions, and war would continue indefinitely. In a maximum effort to bring World War II to an end, President Truman was faced with an awful and fateful choice. Most historians agree that this difficult decision to utilize the atom would ultimately save countless lives. Still a controversial subject more than 75 years after the end of WWII, the fully assembled B-29 Enola Gay went on permanent display at the National Air and Space Museum’s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in December 2003.

About the Painting: In this scene, Col. Paul Tibbets two of his closest crew members, Capt. Dutch’ Van Kirk (navigator) and Maj. Tom Ferebee (bombardier) discuss final plans for the next morning’s historic mission. Its top-secret cargo already loaded, the massive B-29 sits in its hardstand, just having had the words “Enola Gay” (the name of Paul Tibbets’ mother) painted on its nose. As Military Police, other members of the flight and ground crews go about their duties, none are certain what the next few days will hold, yet all are aware that they will be playing a role in changing the course of history, hopefully resulting in peace, and the end of the most terrible war the world had yet seen.


Archival Satin paper giclée print. Signed by artist, includes Certificate of Authenticity & Painting info sheet

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Main Edition $225
300 available- Includes Certificate of Authenticity & Painting info sheet

Artist Proof $ 295
75 available- Includes a beautiful 20”x 12” Companion print “BOCKSCAR & COMPANY”, depicting ‘Bockscar’, which flew the 2nd & final atomic mission.

Original price $225.00 - Original price $765.00
Original price
$225.00 - $765.00
Current price $225.00
Style: Unframed Main Edition