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The Liberation of Baqubah by Joe Kline

Size 20" x 28."

Deployed to Diyala Province, Iraq in September 2006 with 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division. 1-12 CAV assumed an area of operations of over 300 square kilometers. The battalion pursued an aggressive campaign of counter-insurgency operations focused on securing the war torn provincial capitol. Determined to strike at the heart of the insurgency, 1-12 CAV established permanent  combat outposts in the most dangerous parts of Baqubah: Buhriz, Khatoon, Old Baqubah and Tahrir. From these outpost 1-12 CAV conducted aggressive, near-continuous combat operations to destroy the insurgency. The Liberation of Baqubah was in keeping with the proud history of the 12th Cavalry Regiment.

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Style: Framed W/Brass Corner Frame, UV Acrylic and three Archival Mats