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The Cyclone Century by Larry Selman

Limited Edition Print - Artist Proof

Edition Size: 50

"The Cyclone Century (1917-2017)" is dedicated to the 38th Infantry Division and Soldiers 100 year legacy of answering the call to serve. Formed in 1917, the Division earned the special designation of the "Cyclone Division" after the Division’s training camp at Camp Shelby, Mississippi was damaged by a spring time tornado.

The heritage is captured from right to left as uniforms and equipment evolve from WWI and progress thru the current generation of Soldiers. Our humble beginnings started when the Division prepared for war in Europe during World War I. The 38th would be called to duty again in the Philippines during World War II and be named "The Avengers of Bataan", a tribute often credited to General MacArthur. The Division would continue Cold War operations as a strategic reserve with elements of the 1st Battalion (Airborne) 151st Infantry, reorganized into Company D (Ranger), 151st Infantry and mobilized for Vietnam. Operations in the Balkans, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and present day uniform changes close out the 100 year portrait.

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