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Rough Riders, The - by Mort Kunstler

Historical Information

When the sinking of the battleship Maine in Cuban waters made war almost inevitable, Assistant Secretary of the Navy Theodore Roosevelt formed a special regiment of “Rough Riders”- a term he coined – to be drawn from cattlemen, miners, big game hunters, and others, for service in the coming war. The regiment, under the command of Roosevelt and Colonel Leonard Wood, trained at Tampa, Florida, then embarked for Santiago, Cuba, in whose spacious harbor the Spanish fleet had assembled; the Spanish army had dug in atop the ridge of San Juan Hill.

The battle came on July 1, 1898. In the face of heavy fire, the Americans managed to gain the heights and disperse the Spanish defenses. Confronted by disaster the Spanish fleet took to sea, where it was met by devastating fire from five battleships and two cruisers. The Spanish fleet was totally destroyed at the cost of only one man in the American flotilla. That, in effect, ended the Spanish-American War
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Rough Riders, The - by Mort Kunstler: Classic Canvas Signed & Numbered Unframed