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Phantom Thunder by William S. Phillips

Limited Edition Print size of 550
Image Size: 36"w x 7 5/8"h.

In the grand tradition of his "Thunder in the Canyon," "Into the Throne Room of God" and "Those Last Critical Moments" , William S. Phillips returns to the skies in "Phantom Thunder." From the thrill of lift-off to the extraordinary exhilaration of in-flight action, Bill is truly a master of the aviation art world. The artist presents us with an awe-inspiring panorama that pays tribute to a pair of American heroes.

“Flying through storm-tossed skies, Phantoms of VF-96, the Flying Falcons, return from a strike over North Vietnam,” Bill said. “Aircraft #5800, ShowTime 100, was the ‘CAG bird’ flown by LT. Randy Cunningham and LT(JG) Willie Driscoll when, on May 10th, 1972, they downed three MiG-17s, added to their previous two, they became America’s first Vietnam aces.”

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