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New Orders by Larry Selman

Image Dimensions: 16 x 16”
Open Edition, Giclee printed on paper $45.00

An American Infantry Company has just come off the front line and are looking for some rest before returning to the war. A dispatch rider has arrived delivering the Company Commander a new directive, he lets the NCO in on what those new plans are. The NCO makes those new orders happen and obviously has a good working relationship with the Captain if he allowing him to read the dispatch. The motorcycle, a Harley Davidson is new to the army and is already seeing lots of new uses in France. There were several other inventions like the airplane and wireless radio and poison gas that had a great effect on this war and into the future. On the left is a YMCA girl hands out cookies to couple of grateful soldiers, the YMCA sent more women the France and in larger numbers than either the Red Cross or Salivation Army.

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$45.00 - $425.00
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Style: Unframed Open Edition on Paper