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Iron Resolve by Jody Harmon Framed

On 22 April 2004, the 2d Armored Cavalry Regiment, spearheaded by Task Force 2d Battalion, 37th Armor, of 1st Brigade, 1st Armored Division, the 'Iron Dukes,' assumed mission from 3d Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, in the Holy City of An Najaf, Iraq. The enemy, known as Muqtada's militia , controlled An Najaf and neighboring Al Kufa. The mission statement appeared simple: destroy the militia and restore order to An Najaf and Al Kufa to allow transition of authority to a legitimate Iraqi government; and, on order, transfer security responsibilities to Iraqi security forces. The 2d ACR and the Iron Dukes battled non-stop for five weeks and broke the enemy's will to fight. They destroyed over 600 militia and wounded countless others, capturing and destroying weapons, successfully detaining two top aides to Muqtada al Sadr, and seizing weapons caches in the holy cemetery and Sahla Mosque, which ultimately led to the defeat of Sadr's militia in Najaf and Kufa. For their heroic actions in Iraq from April 2003 to June 2004 the 2d ACR and attached units were awarded the Army's highest unit award: The Presidential Unit Citation.

"Iron Resolve" typifies many of the engagements conducted by the brave soldiers of the U.S. Army to restore order in the run-up to free Iraqi elections. This important print is accompanied by an informative certificate of authenticity.

  • 23 x 16 inches
  • Limited Edition of 1200, Signed and Numbered 

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-Framed Print - Brass Corners - UV Acrylic - V-Groove - Three Archival Mats

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Style: Framed W/Brass Corner Frame, UV Acrylic and three Archival Mats