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Fifty Years a Lady by Craig Kodera

    Limited Edition Giclée On Canvas

      Edition Size: 100
        Image Size: 28"w x 19"h.

          The DC-3: no other airplane has revolutionized air transportation, flown as many hours, served with as many airlines or flown in continuous service as long. Stemming from the earlier Douglas designs of the DC-1 and DC-2, the DC-3 production lines ran a scant ten years but produced 455 airliner versions and well over 10,000 military versions. “In my painting,” said Craig Kodera, “I strove to evoke a sense of warmth, nostalgia and romance.

          Never have so many stories been written about a single airplane; never has on airplane been so much a part of our consciousness. It seems that everyone, at one time, has flown in a DC-3. This painting is for all of them. As unique as the airplane is, so too is the painting. My goal was to capture not just the airframe but indeed the spirit of aviation which is the Douglas DC-3.”

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          $495.00 - $845.00
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          Style: Unframed Giclée On Canvas