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American Freedom Series by Rick Kelley

Set Of 3 Open Edition Prints

Edition Size: Open

Hand signed by the artist, Rick Kelley.

An inspirational set of three of Rick Kelley's most popular fine art prints, American Freedom utilizes intricate symbolism to celebrate the unique aspects of the American spirit. On Freedom's Wing was the first in the series, inspired by the events surrounding 9/11 and painted in the weeks immediately after. Can you find all the hidden symbols? 

In the Artist's words: 

"On Freedom's Wing" -- America's strength and beliefs have made this country home to people seeking freedom. We have no boundaries. Like the Bald Eagle, we can soar to great heights and weather any storm. We can achieve our dreams by riding On Freedom's Wing

"Liberty's Flight" -- Standing with dignity and honor; Lady Liberty is a symbol of strength and endurance. Through peaceful and adverse times, America remains a pillar of justice, hope and freedom. We will always stand united and pursue Liberty's Flight.

"Reflection of Freedom" -- New York honored the memory of all that were lost on September 11th, by holding up two large rays of light in place of the Twin Towers. "Reflections of Freedom" is an interpretation of the heavens sending back two rays of light as a tribute to our strength and unity in time of crisis.

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Style: Unframed Set of 3 Prints - Open Edition