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Heading Off Omaha By Keith Burns

Recently landed M3A1 halftracks from the US 36th Armored Infantry Regiment, US Third Armored Division, climb away from Omaha Beach shortly after the D-Day landings. They will soon be heavily involved in the tough fighting to clear German forces from the hedgerows of Normandy.

Keith’s ability to capture the power and drama of a scene never fails to win the imagination and this dramatic piece is no exception. The artist’s award-winning talent takes us to the sandy bluffs overlooking Omaha Beach shortly after D-Day. The foreshore that only days before had witnessed chaos and bloody carnage, is now abuzz with action as American armored forces disembark from their beached Tank Landing Ships and head inland to support colleagues heavily engaged in bitter fighting to dislodge German units in northern Normandy.

Overall Print Size: 27 ¾” wide x 17 ¾” high
Image Size: 24 ¾” wide x 11 ½” high

Restricted to just 300 copies worldwide, each print is personally signed by artist Keith Burns, hand-numbered and issued with a unique Certificate guaranteeing its authenticity.

Edition Size - 300

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Original price $105.00 - Original price $555.00
Original price
$105.00 - $555.00
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Heading Off Omaha By Keith Burns: The Limited Edition Unframed