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Ever Forward by Larry Selman

Artist Proof

Edition Size: 44

Signed and numbered by the artist.

By 8:30 a.m., the 29th Division has run into the full fury of Hitler's "Atlantic Wall." For two hours, the 116th Infantry Regiment has been pinned down on "Dog Red" sector of Omaha Beach. No training could have prepared them for this. "But you learn fast," a sergeant said. "It's a quick study when your life's on the line."

Now, something's changed. Commingled units regroup. American "Can-do" spirit takes over. Original objectives go out the window—they'll improvise instead. The regiment with the motto, "Ever Forward," is going to find a way off this beach. As M4s of the 743rd Tank Battalion weigh in, the troops make their break.

This is the turning point, the moment when heroes decided there's only one path to victory: Forward.

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Style: Unframed Print - Artist Proof