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You Will Not Fail Us by James Dietz - Framed

    Limited Edition Print -

      Image Size: 25"w x 12 1/2"h

        Overall Size: 31"w x 19"h

        Hand signed and numbered by the artist, James Dietz.

        Includes certificate of authenticity.

          They're known as "Leathernecks", "Devil Dogs", and "Grunts". They take pride that every member of their corps is a rifleman. They thirst for combat and thrive in warfare.

          They are tough, proud and remarkable, both in war and peace. They are professional, well trained in the martial arts and in the art of war. To the day they die, either on the field of combat, or decades later, they remain Marines.

          This painting, by the renowned military artist, James Dietz, depicts the modern era Marine Corps. A period, which began during Vietnam, and continues through the global war on terrorism.

          The inscriptions around the border of the painting are those slogans by which the Marine Corps has been known throughout its storied history.

          From the beginning, "Don't Tread On Me" of the 1700's through to the current "Semper Fidelis", that remarkable spirit holds true to the corps.

          Despite the fact that it is the smallest service, and has had to fight constant battles to keep its independence and in fact it's actual existence, from the Army, Navy and Air Force, the Corps has remained intact.

          The central figures of the painting are two Marines in Dress Blues. The officer and NCO each hold their respective swords.

          Certain figures in this artwork depict the ten-year war in Vietnam.With flack vests, helmets and green jungle utilities, and flight suit of Marine aviation. These new issues were lightweight, fast drying, and became standard issue along with the canvas and rubber soled jungle boot. Also,Marines wore the "Tiger Stripe" utilities. The basic M-14 rifle was quickly replaced with the oft-cursed M-16 "plastic" rifle. Lighter, carrying more ammo, the 5.56 cal. Stoner designed black rifle replaced the M-14 in 1967.

          After Vietnam, the Marines did what they do best, learning from their past, and changing with an eye to the future. They became an "expeditionary" force, ranging to all corners of the globe.

          In the 1990's came the Persian Gulf War. Two Marine divisions fought in the desert. They went to war wearing the woodland pattern camouflage. Several figures in the painting wear that battle uniform. That combat uniform was soon replaced with a desert "chocolate chip" pattern design and a three-color desert pattern combo. Kevlar helmets had replaced the steel pots of WW-II and Vietnam.

          For the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Marines were the first to design a digital desert pattern cammie uniform. By 2004, most of the Marines had changed their combat issue to the new design, which aided in defeating night vision devices.

          Several Marines including the figure to the left of the dress Marines, a Warrant officer, carries the M-4 rifle. The M-4 and the Squad Automatic Rifle have replaced the M-16.

          Next to the warrant is the venerable drill instructor. The D.I., with the trademark cover, represents the timeless memory of all Marines new to the Corps.

          The lone woman Marine in the painting represents the 10% of the Corps, which is female. She wears the winter service green uniform.

          A handler and Marine dog, kneel to the right of the painting. Dogs have been an integral part of Marine combat since WW-II.

          The Marines, known as "No better friend, no worse enemy", continue to be America's premiere fighting force. Steeped in tradition, schooled in their history, ready to add the annals of honor, these are Marines!

          Very limited supply, and sold framed only!

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