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Coming Home by Larry Selman

Image Area: 16"h x 26"w

Friends Print: 335 Signed and Numbered
USAWC Class 2006 Edition: 335 Signed and Numbered
Artist Proof Edition: 50 Signed and Numbered

America’s finest soldiers return home from the Global War on Terror.

Commissioned by the DDE Class 2006 of the U.S. Army War College.

Few if any nation can match the American soldier’s history of service to their country and democratic people’s of the world. They seek no land but their own while fighting abroad for a people they do not know but will defend them as they would there own country and family. Standing against tyranny and aggression to safeguard not only America but its friends and allies. If a nation is weakened by war we rebuild it, returning power to its people, seeking neither dominance or domination. Only a strong and just nation would at the apex of power return control to those who were so recently an enemy. 

Like previous generations the soldier returns home to live their lives in peace his job complete hoping never again to hear the call of assembly. The rapidly changing world we find ourselves today in is far different than those of our forefathers. The enemies now engaged fight with no rules of past wars. For today’s soldier the battlefield is far less defined far more challenging and far more deadly than just a few years ago. With all due respect to the soldiers of the past this is “Our Greatest Generation”. They are America’s moral strength they are our country’s reputation.

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