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Under Attack by Frank C. McCarthy

  • Limited Edition of: 100 Giclées
  • Image Size: 39"w x 18"h.

My subject for this painting is a man who was one of the most admired and respected American actors. I have portrayed him in the title role of his film 'Hondo.' The scene is the climatic one in which Hondo leads settlers safely through attacking Apaches. Hondo has guided the wagons into a circle to withstand the onslaught. But they are surrounded by Apaches and only a bold stroke would turn the tide. Hondo breaks the wagons out of their circle, strings out the battle, recircles the wagons and resumes the fight. He repeats the pattern until he is left alone to confront the Apache chief whom he kills. Leaderless, the Apache withdraw."

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$595.00 - $895.00
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Style: Unframed Canvas