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A New Dawn by Matt Hall


Originally released by Valor Studios, the legend on the bottom of “A New Dawn: Afghanistan” reads… “High in the remote mountains of Afghanistan, where once Alexander the Great defeated the Persians, America’s warriors patrol the ancient land. Far from their homes and loved ones, they risk their lives to seek and destroy an empire of terror that lurks in the shadows. Shoulder to shoulder, they bring light to the darkness. All will give Afghanistan the hope of a new dawn, but some will be called to give their last breath for a better world.


The artwork for this print was conceived with the input of several veteran Blackhawk pilots, most notably, Bronze Star recipient and former leader of the 82nd Airborne Division’s “Cave Men” aviation company, Captain Eric Carlson. It was the stories told by these pilots that helped artist Matt Hall capture the close working relationship between the ground-pounding infantry and the rotary-wing aviators, whose teamwork is required to overcome the dramatic terrain and rugged operating conditions of Afghanistan.

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